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the happy couch concierge is an exclusive lifestyle service that provides


personally tailored life, home, and wellness services, in London



whether you're visiting for a few days or live here permanently, we are here to help your daily


life flourish, make your home into a sanctuary, and to harmonise your body, mind, and soul



it's really simple to use our services: you can contact us and we will arrange everything    


for you or you can contact our trusted partners directly, using the code




 to access their services and to benefit from exclusive rates negotiated for our clients













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trusted partners


everyone that the happy couch concierge has collaborated with has been


carefully selected, vetted, and tested for their expertise, high standards,


capacity to deliver, and a personal approach to clients, to ensure that you will experience 


an exceptional level of service reflective of the happy couch concierge brand,


so if you are living like a local, or indeed are a local, make the happy couch concierge


your go-to for access to the best service providers in london